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Do you love animals as much as we do? Turn your energy and free time into something very rewarding and join our team of volunteers. Volunteerism along with any form of offering is essential to our social welfare and builds up solidarity amongst each other. In the field of saving strays, volunteers have so much to offer!

Volunteering in Happy Tails Shelter is a wonderful way to make direct impact on the quality of life of our shelter animals and meet new people. Volunteers are absolutely crucial to our success; after all, our organization was founded when a group of volunteers combined their strengths to step up for animals in need.

Whether your interests and schedule permit you to volunteer every week, once a month or a few times a year, you’ll find your time well-spent, quite rewarding and much appreciated. The love you will receive in return by helping out a vulnerable animal is priceless!


Volunteer roles vary and so do the time commitments. As you gain experience in rescue, more opportunities may open up for you. Please see the volunteer needs below to better understand how you can help. Every role is important to our team and success.

Volunteering to join our team, requires an application process. Complete your Volunteer Application Form here.

Transport (18+)

Transport is a critical volunteer role at Happy Tails Team. We have to move dogs and supplies around the area of Nafpaktos. Our transport volunteers donate their time and use of their personal vehicle to make sure our dogs have rides to their foster homes, injured animals can be urgently transferred to the vet clinic, or abandoned puppies and stray animals in need have transportation in any urgent case.


Home Visits (18+)

Our top priority is the welfare of our dogs. Before placing a dog in a foster or adoptive home we send a volunteer to complete a home check and make sure it is a safe and secure environment. 

Animal Shelter Checks

We are in need of volunteers to join our daily schedule required inside the shelter's private area; the daily checks require feeding and adding water for all animals in the shelter, providing medicine or medical care to animals who are old or have health issues, as well as making sure all animals are safe, healthy and happy. We also spend time with the animals and play as much as we can.

Food and Medicine

We are in need of food and medicine required for the good health of the animals in our shelter, which is very costly and of great importance for the animals' wellbeing. If you have food and/or medicine to provide for our shelter, please contact us in order to be informed about the shelter's needs.


Medicine and medical care are required for the good health of the animals in our shelter, which is very costly and of great importance for the animals' wellbeing. If you are a vet interested into offering your services voluntarily, please contact us in order to be informed about the shelter's needs.

Foster A Pet

If you are unable to provide a lifelong commitment to an animal, alternatively you may offer your home for a limited period of time, specifically until its recovery has been concluded. However, it is imperative to consider that offering hospitality to animals is as important as adopting and must be decided wisely and with absolute awareness of the responsibility one is undertaking. The frequent changing of environment as well as the animal’s return to confinement inevitably creates anxiety and insecurity, therefore the temporary adopter has to commit to housing the dog up until its adoption.


Fostering requires a separate application process. Find more details here.

Any Help is appreciated

Whilst an animal shelter has specific needs, mentioned above, any volunteer help is of great importance to our team. For example, If you have building abilities or access to materials that could provide better shelter and enclosure of kennel areas, your assistance will be most appreciated. If you believe you can help in any other way, please contact us and we will be pleased to meet you in person and discuss ways you could be of assistance to our team!

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