You might really want to give one, or more, of our beloved dogs a loving home, but are not able to adopt for a variety of reasons – including not living in Greece! Joining our virtual adoption program and becoming a dog’s guardian could offer the next best solution for you.

In joining this program you will be selecting a monthly or yearly donation plan for a chosen pet. Your donation will be contributing to food, shelter, toys, blankets, general & medical care for your virtual pet. You become their guardian, and will receive quarterly updates on their care, progress and overall wellness – allowing you to feel involved in their lives.

Some of the dogs in our Animal Shelter are less likely to be adopted into a forever home. This may be because of medical/health issues, age or some form of trauma. It may be that they are a fairly new rescue that will take an extended period of time in recovery before they would be considered for adoption. With your help they can continue to enjoy a carefree life in a warm, safe and loving environment.

If your virtual pet finds a forever home or leaves HAPPY TAILS SHELTER'S care, you may opt-out of the program or choose a new pet to virtually adopt – there will always be someone here who needs you. 

Please take a moment to browse through the dogs above, locate the dog that you desire to virtually adopt, and then subscribe to our Plans, which are seen below.